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Thank you for taking charge of your negatives. I have kept all the images in the best environment I could: cool and dark with a very constant temperature. I recommend you do the same. If you live in a humid environment try and keep these images in a conditioned space. There are a few things of note that may help you organize what you have in your possession.

The negatives are most likely divided into two obvious groups. Those that have been reprinted and those that have not.

The negatives that have been reprinted for albums and loose prints are most likely still taped to an aperture card. This is also the group of negatives that you most likely want to do something with. The aperture card is used in production printing and its the only real chance I have to communicate my crop and orientation to the lab. There is a lot of time that went in to getting the negatives onto the card and I have always left the negative attached for handling, and just in case a reprint is ever needed.
There is also a group of images that was never reprinted. There was a proof print made initially. Depending on when in my career I made the images, there should be some sort of order to what you see besides these two groupings. When I was shooting film I still did my best to have the images in order of when they came out of the camera. Most of the numbering starts at 1 and proceeds numerically. As I shot more 35mm I tried to start that numbering at 500 or 600 so there could be a gap on the numbering between the 2 1/4 and the 35mm.

The negative glassine has a translucent front with printing and a paper backing. There is some information that was printed when the film was processed and proofed. Most of the printing had to do with keeping the negatives linked to my studio so that I got back everything I sent. Other data such as roll numbers and printing densities and color packs. What you most want to see is the Frame Number. The Frame Number is what is printed on the back of the proof and is the only way to match up proofs and negatives. If you were to scan the image yourself I would recommend you use the Frame Number consistently.

You are buying the images for your personal use, no resale. All images copyright Jim Frankenberger and Frankenberger Photography Inc. Any commercial use must be negotiated with copyright holder.

If you have any tips or suggestions please drop me a note.

Enjoy and best wishes.